Welcome to AZTaxes User Account Registration

You will need to register for an AZTaxes account to use our business services. This is the first step in the AZTaxes account registration process. You must first enroll your email on AZTaxes to create an account to file and pay online. If you are currently enrolled, please click Cancel and login.

There are two different types of AZTaxes users: Primary and Delegate.

Primary User:

A Primary User maintains the entire online account and provides access to delegate users. There can only be one Primary User for each account. The Arizona Department of Revenue recommends that this be an officer/owner of the business.

Delegate User:

A Delegate User is given specific authority for business account functions by the Primary User. This type of user can be a CPA, Paid Preparer, office managers, additional officer/owner of the company, etc.

Note: An AZTaxes account is not required to make Individual Income tax payments.